Cubes EduCare Foundation

About Cubes EduCare Foundation

Cubes EduCare Foundation is an organisation working for Social Research and Training, committed in bringing about Socio-Economic and Educational development in society. Through exhaustive and extensive studies, surveys, research and probe, we diffuse useful education, literacy and social knowledge by periodical conduct of workshops, camps, trainings, counseling etc to individuals, groups and institutions, thus aiding them in optimally remodeling the self and society. Our activities also include creating and providing an inclusive space to the challenged and needy community, as well as supporting, establishing and running institutions/bodies with a view to serve the economically impoverished strata of the society. We conduct programmes at local and national level, highlighting and addressing issues that include but are not limited to quality education, protection of human rights, promotion of entrepreneurship especially micro-enterprise, problems and issues of youth, transparent governance and leadership, safeguarding the indigenous cultures and folklores, and protection of legitimate interests of the deprived sections of the society.

We will regularly be posting about our activities here. So do subscribe to our blog, and visit our contact page for sending us your comments and suggestions.

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