Cubes EduCare Foundation

Social Research: An Important Endeavor of Cubes EduCare Foundation


Apart from the regular Training Programmes and Workshops, another major area of intervention of the Cubes EduCare Foundation is Social Research. Production of authentic knowledge is an academic endeavour and we recognize its significance in the “post truth” era and in the context of the ongoing debates in public sphere on false information and propaganda especially through various media. Therefore, serious enquiries on various social issues and emerging trends, adhering to the standardized methodological rigour, will help the academicians, social workers and activists, media persons, Government and Quasi Government agencies and the public to enrich the realm of knowledge. With the support of a group of academicians and experts in the various fields of research, we are well equipped to take up field studies as well as minor and major projects. We also propose to conduct various orientation programmes and training programmes in this domain.

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